Williston Work

The Bakken Formation

Williston, North Dakota is the industrial service center for the massive Bakken Formation oil field, estimated to contain between 30 to 40 billion barrels of recoverable oil and believed to be the single largest contiguous oil accumulation on the planet. The basin is currently producing around 1,200,000 barrels of oil per day, placing North Dakota as the second highest oil producing state in the country, behind only Texas. Following the discovery of additional producing layers of oil, some estimate that the Bakken will ultimately require 100,000 total wells to fully utilize its massive supply. This represents a twelve-fold increase up from the 13,000 current wells, which means a sharp rise in demand for labor to construct and maintain the new wells.

Williston, North Dakota

Presently, there are still thousands of unfilled jobs in Williston and this is only expected to grow through the next decade. Even though it’s only in an early stage, population growth and the demand for housing is transforming North Dakota. The current population of Williston is estimated at 28,000 with projections up to 60,000 in the next 5 to 7 years. Consequently, affordable, quality real estate is becoming scarce in face of the population boom. Birches Townhouses seeks to alleviate this by providing comfortable and flexible townhomes and apartments to industry workers and their families. Whether you’re looking for a month-to-month, short term or fully furnished unit, we will strive to accommodate your needs.

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